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Press officeNewsThe Freight One and the Rosbank Leasing signed a deal worth 4.8 billion rubles

The Freight One and the Rosbank Leasing signed a deal worth 4.8 billion rubles

1 june 2021

The Freight One (Freight One) and the Rosbank Leasing (a subsidiary of Rosbank) have signed an agreement to provide the operator with financing in the amount of 4.8 billion rubles. The transaction was implemented through a repayable leasing tool.

"The expansion of financing instruments gives flexibility in the implementation of our Strategy-2023, which involves investments of about 80 billion rubles in the development of customer service, IT technologies and the expansion of the cargo fleet. The Rosbank Leasing has been a reliable partner of the Freight One for many years in terms of financing long-term projects and other banking products," said Sergey Karataev, General Director of Freight One.

The deal involves 1,600 gondola cars of different manufacturers of 2010-2017 years of production. The contract is concluded for 5 years. The financing was provided by Rosbank.

"We have resumed cooperation with the Freight One, which has historically been the largest lessee in the Rosbank Leasing portfolio. We are glad to be a strategic partner of one of the largest private railway operators. In addition to leasing, we provide a wide range of services both for the company itself and for its employees," said Alexey Ievlev, head of the Corporate Business Directorate of Rosbank.

For reference:

Rosbank Leasing (RB LEASING LLC) is a subsidiary of PJSC ROSBANK (Societe Generale Group), has been operating since 2003. The priorities in the company's loan portfolio are transactions with large industrial enterprises of metallurgy and metalworking, construction, energy and power engineering, railway transportation, telecommunications, transport and communications, retail trade, as well as work with small and medium-sized businesses.

Rosbank is a universal bank within the Societe Generale international financial group. The Group's strategy is aimed at improving the quality of customer service and achieving leadership positions in the field of innovation, ensuring growth through business development, strengthening interaction between departments and achieving sustainable profitability.

Rosbank serves about 5 million customers in more than 60 regions of Russia. The bank's network includes more than 220 branches and more than 37 thousand ATMs of the partner network, including about 1,500 of its own. Rosbank is included by the Bank of Russia in the list of 12 systemically important credit institutions.

The Bank has been awarded the highest credit ratings of the national agencies ACRA at the AAA (RU) level and Expert RA at the ruAAA level. Rosbank has also credit ratings from international rating agencies Fitch Ratings (BBB) and Moody's Investors Service (Baa3). The bank is included in the TOP 3 reliable Russian banks according to the Forbes magazine in 2021. Rosbank is among the top 10 largest Russian banks according to The Banker magazine. Rosbank L'Hermitage Private Banking is the winner of the SPEAR's Russia Wealth Management Awards 2020 in the nomination "The Best Foreign Bank at the Territory of the Russian Federation". Rosbank's depository became the best in the categories "Customer Service Quality" and "Market Leader" among all European countries with developing economies according to Global Custodian. Rosbank is recognized as the best transactional bank in Eastern Europe for financial institutions by the EMEA Finance magazine.

More detailed information is available on the website

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